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Sump pump installation and installation of battery back-up sump pump systems are among the many services offered by Friedman Plumbing.

Sump Pump Sewage Ejector PlumbingA sump pump is a small pump installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to help keep the area under the building dry and to prevent it from flood­ing. Usually, sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump pits. Water flows into the sump pit through drains or by natural water migration through the soil. The sump pump’s job is to pump the water out of the pit and away from the building so the basement or crawlspace stays dry.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60 percent of American homes suffer from below-ground wetness. But even more homeowners are likely to have to deal with a flooded basement at some point. It doesn’t take much water to cause thousands of dollars of damage. A moist basement can also lead to mold and mildew growth, bringing with it all its related health and breathing hazards.

Sump pumps have been a common fixture in some homes for years. Today, sump pumps are common in new construction homes.

Like any equipment with moving parts, sump pumps will wear out over time and will need to be replaced. There is no general rule on how often a sump pump should be replaced since it depends on how often the pump operates.

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Backup Sump Pumps

Battery Backup Sump Pump PlumberYou can buy a sump pump that will operate even when the electrical power goes out–in a thunderstorm, major flood, or brownout, for example.

Most of these are intended to be auxiliary pumps. Used with the primary pump, they kick in if the main pump fails.

One type runs on a rechargeable 12-volt battery. If you get this type, it pays to buy one that has an automatic battery recharger that will keep the batter alive even when it hasn’t been used for months. This charger should be designed so that overcharging the battery is never a problem.

Another type of sump pump backup system is hooked up to the house’s water system and operates by water pressure. If the electrical power goes out, the water-pressure backup takes over.

Whether or not you need a backup really depends on your situation–the likelihood of a power or pump failure and the damage such a failure could cause. Because the backup system doesn’t add much to the price of a sump pump, it is usually worth paying a premium.

In some cases, an inexpensive high-water alarm will suffice. With one of these, the alarm senses rising water and sounds–sort of like a smoke alarm for water.

Sewage Ejector Pumps

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump? Where are they used?

Sewage Ejector PumpSewage ejector pumps, or sewage grinder pumps, are designed to pump residential or household sewage or blackwater to the city sewer (for homes whose lower baths are at a depth below the level of their sewer line).

Even if a building is nearly at the same level as its sewer line, if the geography of the site prevents sewage from flowing fast enough on its own (two-feet per second) then a sewage grinder or sewage ejector pump is needed.

A typical application of a sewage ejector pump is in a home where a basement bathroom is located lower than the height of the sewer line which leaves the home. The sewage ejector pump lifts waste from the basement bathroom up to the sewer line where it flows out to the city sewer.

A sewage or grinder pump, (there is more than one grinding method) reduces sewage to a finely ground slurry of waste and water which can then be pumped or forced to its destination. In the sewage grinder pump the number of wires and pipes at the tank tells us that this is a duplexed or two-pump system with two grinder pumps, two drains, and a tank alarm as well.

Our Recommended Sump Pump Manufacturer

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